Open-Back Headphones: Does It Have A Good Audio System?

There are a variety of headphones you can see in the market. An open-back headphone is one of the top best-selling in the market. There are openback headphones singapore  that leak to 30dB more at specific frequencies. The test was conducted by playing full-range frequencies that swept through open-backed and closed-back headphones when placed on the dummy head and recorded the sound leakage amount with the nearby microphone.

While it is not the precise conditions you may listen to music in, it gives a ballpark figure of the amount of sound leakage to expect from the open-backed headphones. There is a significant difference between the open-backed and closed-back headphones’ sound leakage. But, as expected, the open-backed headphones will leak sound more significantly.

Are open-backed headphones can be used in public?

When purchasing an open-backed headphone, one of the major considerations is deciding when to wear it in public or at home where you can’t be disturbed by anyone. Open-backed headphones are not ideal for public usage. While the size of the headphones varies, it is usually that open-backed headphones are bulky. The open-backed headphones are reserved for intense audiophile setups.

If you are out in public, it is best to have a portable-friendly pair of headphones.

Open-back headphones: Best for gaming

An open-back headphone is an awesome option for conferencing or gaming if nobody is around you. Shure open-back headphones are better than the other types of headphones when you use them for sound leakage. The design of open-backed headphones, and planar-magnetic headphones are producing more sound leakage.

The transducer inside the planar-magnetic driver emits the sound in both directions. It sends more noise out of the back of the open-back headphones which increases the leakage amount. If you want an open-backed experience with minimal leakage, it is a good idea to keep from planar-magnetic headphones.

Advantages of choosing open-back headphones

An open-back headphone allows the air to pass through the ear cups from the speaker driver’s rear. It means that resonances and the low frequency that builds up caused by the rear enclosure are not a concern. Many expensive high-end headphones are open-backs because they allow them to sound more clear and natural. Here are the advantages of getting open-back headphones:

  • Critical listening
  • Solo at-home listening
  • Mixing and mastering content
  • Enjoying high-quality content

When you think that open-back headphones are perfect for your choice of headphones for your gaming or live-streaming, go for the open-back headphones in Singapore.