File costs for home loans get a ceiling

If it is up to Minister of Consumer Affairs Kista Marks, maximum rates for file costs will be set this year. The immediate reason for this promotion is the increase that Best Bank has implemented on 1 September for administrative costs for a home loan; a second adjustment within a period of six months. New

Quick loan for self-employed without credit bureau.

The self-employed in particular often need quick money because they do not have a regular salary that they know will always come on time and can cover urgent financing needs. If you need funds quickly, you can actually take a lightning or quick loan, but then you have to live with the fact that it

Consumer Credit – Subject to using it wisely

Granted by a credit institution or a bank, the affected credit is granted to finance the purchase of goods or services, determined at the time of signing. Affected credit can be a good solution to optimize your purchasing power.    Characteristics of the affected credit The allocated credit is granted to finance a good or

5 key criteria to assess your mortgage loan

When establishing a mortgage, the banks study with the greatest care all the criteria in your file. Certain points are immediately unacceptable. Other criteria can lead the banker to make a distinction: thus, he will be able to compare the strengths and weaknesses of your file. If, for example, you have a good saving capacity,

What is credit restructuring?

      An individual who has taken out several loans may have recourse to a specific financial transaction: the restructuring of loans, also called loan repurchase, grouping of loans or even debt restructuring. Let’s see what exactly it is and what it is for. Credit restructuring in a nutshell We talk about debt consolidation

What criteria to compare the offers to buy back credit?

  Struggling with a difficult end of the month, thinking about buying back credit? This operation can indeed allow you to restore the situation and get out of your financial worries. To obtain loan consolidation studies and find the best deals, the use of a credit buyout comparator is often advised. Most online credit organizations