An introduction to current account overdraft loans

The current account overdraft is a short-term loan with which the bank keeps a specific sum available to the customer in a current account. The accredited person can use the credit several times but must maintain a balance between withdrawals and remittances. The credit opening short term loans granted may be short, or without guarantee, or guaranteed, or granted against a specific personal guarantee (surety, pledge, and mortgage).

Disposal operations

Disposal operations (or self-liquidating operations ) include: the bank discount, the advance on the portfolio subject to collection and factoring .

The disinvestment operations can be with  recourse  (if the third party who has to pay is in default, the bank rivals its customer who is required to repay the loan beyond the expenses) or without  recourse, a  formula that raises the bank’s customer from any liability in case of non-fulfillment of the bad credit payday loans.

Bank discount

The bank discount allows the customer of the bank to obtain a sum of money equal to the amount of a credit not yet expired and claimed from a third party,  subject to collection .

The bank discount agreement provides that the customer must guarantee, in addition to the actual existence of the credit, also to be solvent. The sale takes place with recourse.

The bank discount includes two formulas: through small castle or in isolated form:

The discount castle is a credit line that the bank immediately makes available to the customer. It corresponds to the maximum amount of bills presented to the bank and is equal to the credit granted;


What Do Credit Repair Companies Do, And How To Verify Their Credibility

When you are in a situation where your credit score is becoming a hindrance, you need expert guidance to help you. But while choosing a firm, you need to be very careful because the services available in the market may scam you. Reputed credit repair companiescan help you get out of the situation much better and easier way.

Verify your credit repair firm

Before hiring someone, it is better to get the details about the credit repair firm. Here’s how you can verify:

  • Check what customers are saying about them
  • No false promises are made
  • they will not demand any upfront promises
  • they will not guarantee 100% results

All this and more make a good and trustworthy credit repair site. So when choosing, consider the above points to verify your credit repair company.

Best companies to repair credit

How much do they cost?

If you consider hiring specialists to improve your credit scores, reputable ones will provide you with better and more trustworthy service. When it comes to payment, each company has its strategy. However, they will not charge you a fee until they have provided you with the appropriate results.

You may either have to pay a flat sum, or you will be asked to pay an agreed amount for each negative remark removed. Some may ask you to pay every month.

 Credit repair is a bit costly, and you need to take great care while hiring the services. Some services may prove to be your anchor, while others may drain money out of you. So before hiring a credit repair company, make sure that you go through their credentials more than once.